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Stearate salts series Special lubricant series
For paint ink and paper ●Special petrochemical lubricant
●Oil based Zinc Stearate ●Special WPC lubricant
●Water-based Grinding Aids ●Special stone paper lubricant
●Water-based Zinc Stearate ●Special modified plastics lubricant
●Water-based Calcium Stearate
●Glycerin Monostearate
For petrochemicals,plastics and rubber ●Penteaerythrityl tetrastearat(synthetic PETS)
●Zinc Stearate(granule, flake, superfine powder)  
●Calcium Stearate Environmental PVC Ca-Zn compound heat stabilizer series
●Magnesium Stearate ●Special use for PVC building materials
●Aluminium Stearate ●Special use for PVC based WPC
●Sodium Stearate ●Special use for wire and cable
  ●Special use for toys and packages
Special additives series
●Special use for transparent products
●Antistatic agent,etc