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Non-VOC green clean green water-based paint coater come out

As of mid-February, after a year of operation and commissioning, 10,000 tons / year of environmentally friendly water-based paint coating auxiliaries production line fully meet the design requirements. The product is currently environmentally friendly state-of-the-art film-forming aids, which provide support for the water-based paint upgrade.
Film-forming aids are also known as film-forming coalescents, film-forming agents, colloidal coagulants, softeners, or flow-aids. In synthetic resin emulsion as the main film-forming substances in water-based architectural coatings environmental labeling products, film-forming additives is an indispensable and important auxiliary. In other words, in order to paint the file transfer, you must first achieve film-forming aids upgrade.
Dr. Yang Jianguo, the project leader, told the reporter that DN-300 is a green, non-VOC green coalescent that can be widely used in more than ten kinds of latex such as homopolymerization and copolymerization of vinyl acetate, acrylate homopolymerization and copolymerization emulsion coating. DN-300 is a kind of polybasic acid ester compound. It is a kind of high efficient coalescent for various kinds of water-based latex and dispersion coating. It is especially effective in the application of light and semi-gloss paint, which can give the perfect coalescence of high- Color development and storage stability, the film can be formed in a wide range of construction temperature.
DN-300 has significant performance characteristics: It is used in various emulsions and adhesives, the performance is superior to other film-forming additives currently on the market, and the amount can be appropriately reduced, and can be used alone; DN-300 can and Synergistic thickener synergistic effect, reducing the amount of associative thickener about 25%; DN-300 can also be a wide range of temperature and relative conditions of the temperature to improve the film-forming properties. In addition, DN-300 also improves film properties and construction properties such as repairability and scrub resistance, improved weatherability, and film-forming properties and unique storage stability, leveling and adhesion after paint making Can improve gloss.
At present, our country has become a major producer and consumer of coatings. In 2014, the total output of domestic coatings reached 16.48 million tons, of which construction paint production reached 5 million tons and grew at an annual rate of 8%. Global Coatings Network learned that for a long time, raw materials and additives are always the constraints of the development of China's paint industry, the weak links, especially the high-end architectural coatings used environmentally friendly coalescent, long-term dependence on imports. Therefore, in China's high-end architectural coatings in the direction of green, multi-functional direction, the urgent need to increase research and development efforts of additives for the paint industry to provide a strong technical support.
Nowadays, all developed countries are pursuing environmentally-friendly film-forming aids. Due to their non-toxic and VOC-free emissions, developed countries have become the only film-forming additives for waterborne architectural coatings. At present, only a few countries such as the United States have tens of thousands of tons Capacity In the opinion of our country, DN-300 should have a broad market space with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the excise tax on coatings as the greenish water-based paint is bound to become the development direction of architectural coatings. "Yang Jianguo is confident Reporter said.
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